Phangan Animal Care, Tailândia

Phangan Animal Care, Tailândia

Fri, 11 Jun 2010 16:04:51 +0700
Subject: Fw: Help to rescue a dog, maybe a difficult rescue, but needed!!!

Dear Roberta,

Your email was passed onto to me by Samui Dog Rescue – My name is Greg and I’m the manager of Phangan Animal Care (PAC)

PAC had been operating on PhaNgan for 10years and we provide free nursing care as well as a Neutering programme for all stray cats and dogs island.  Unfortunately, due to funding we don’t have a Thai vet and cant provide long term re-homing for strays.

Currently we are neutering between 15-25 animals a month (with the help of volunteer vets) and attend about 100 call outs.

I’m sorry to hear about the dog in Haad Rin and the experiences you had there.  I’ve sent up our nurse today to have a look at him – I will keep you updated on his condition.  In general the people in Haad Rin do phone us when the see a dog that had been injured.  Certainly, in the past they have also clubbed to together and paid the local vet for treatment of stray dogs.

Kind Regards
Greg Player


Practice Administrator,
PhaNgan Animal Care.

PO Box 70, Thong Sala
Koh PhaNgan, Suratthani 84280
+66 (08) 9 8757513 (mobile)

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