Jorgen, Indonésia

Jorgen, Indonésia

Tue, 22 Jun 2010 01:37:29 -0400 (CLT)

Subject: Nova mensagem de contato de Jorgen Erbs em “relicário”
Hi you two good Brazilian people,
This is from the Danish man you met yesterday in Baby-Face to the football match between Portugal and Korea.
Want to let you know that it was a pleasure to have a good and enjoyable communication with you. Your project about travelling the world BEFORE you settle down as parents is a 19 on a 10-scale.
I am willing to assist in getting digged up from the Church books of South Denmark/North Germany all available data on the Fillipsen or Phillipsen family.
Enjoy your good time in Bali and any problems, questions, need advice, etc. you are very welcome to sms / call me at
local phone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
international phone +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

See you Friday in Baby-Face for the Brazil-Portugal match … that’ll be hot … for the Portuguese … :-)))

Jorgen Erbs

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