Toni, Indonésia

Toni, Indonésia

Sun, 4 Jul 2010 10:14:09 +0000
Subject: RE: Hello from the brazilians dogs lovers

First of all–Thank you for my t-shirt–I will treasure it and think of you always.

When I took Salle for her walk in the rear area–she immediately ran up to your past bungalow, then returned to me with a disappointed look. She is still shadowing me everywhere I go around Sag.

Yes–I would love it if you wanted to help write a Salle letter so each tourist dog lover could pay it forward and she would get the love and attention she so needs and deserves.

I did send my friend in Turkey and e-mail about you two and it went through (not unusual for him not to respond immediately)–I also sent it on to you and it didn’t go through. WIll try again.

Carole and I have lots of massages booked till I depart and also a bit of shopping to finish for Mom’s new home. Weather here in Ubud cooling off in the evenings–a nice relief.

As far as the Salle letter–I could print it out and get it laminated and hopefully the staff would pass it on!!!!!

Stay in touch–i will do th e same except during my Vegas journey to help Mom and Aunti–but I will check for messages.

Great meeting you two beauties!!!Those pic’s of Carole and I are so awful–really shows our age!!!!!But–I guess–thanks anyway-ha!!!!

Later–Happy trails__toni

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