Jorgen, Indonésia – 2

Jorgen, Indonésia – 2

Assunto: RE: Good Danish, See you at 21:00hrs – Table 09 – Baby Face?

Enviada: 06/07/2010 04:17

Hi Agusto and Roberta,

“See you at 21:00hrs – Table 09 – Baby Face!” … Haha! … :-))) …. You actually got me, young Master Philippsen! For a wee moment I went ‘What??!!! They are still here??!!!

Can’t be??!!! Well, it could be!!! No, it can’t!!!  … Great joke! … :-))) ))) )))

We have a saying in Danish which goes like this: Where good people is, good people come! You pulled me in … it is all your responsibility! … haha! … each and every good moment or person or thing you two great embassadors for Brazil pull into your lives is owed to the very fact that YOU good people are.

Sorry about Brazil’s last match, at least you can take comfort in the result of Argentina’s defeat to the absolutely great playing Germans.

Thanks for the photo – it’s nice. Question: Can you mail it in high resolution such as 1280 x 960 or bigger?

We’ll stay in good communication and I wish you well on your journey through the continents of our planet Earth.

Once you are back with old master Philipsen, my offer to trace your family stands.


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