Toni, Indonésia – 2

Toni, Indonésia – 2

Sat, 17 Jul 2010 22:48:30 +0000
Subject: FW:

Toni here!!!Just returned home to Santa Barbara and wanted you two to know I did the Salle “thing”–got 5 lamanited and posted in the breakfast room. It was a tear jerker leaving her but hopefully she will continue with the love of the tourists.

Hope your travels are grand.

I am off to Vegas in a few days and will be really busy for the next month.

Think of you often!!!!!

Love, toni


My Name is Salle

I am a girl about 6 years old and understand many languages.

I love tourist especially when they love me back, feed me and see that I have water.

I do not bark, bite or chew (no teeth).

I love it when tourist take me for a walk around the Sagitarius grounds. No leash necessary

I also love to stay with tourist at their bungalow…anytime day or night.


Thank You
Terima kasih

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